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Swizz Beatz

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Swizz Beatz always seems to find the most unique stages to perform on and at this particular venue he stood on top of a stage that was shaped and designed like a boombox. Not only that, but the boombox was about fifteen feet in the air yet it felt as though I was really close to him throughout the whole performance.

The stage itself looked fantastic and there wasn’t a part of it that didn’t look like a stereo system, and better yet it made it feel as if I was in a different reality in which ordinary objects were big due to being shrunk. This in itself provided a very unique experience because it allowed for the crowd to be more imaginative and into the performance than they otherwise might have been. Hip-hop performances always seem so much larger and more extravagant than life. The stage itself was placed on top of a pier and a volleyball was tossed down to the crowd during the performance that they were encouraged to hit and move down through the crowd.

The crowd happily hit the volleyball as they danced with one another and chanted the lines that the artist purposely didn’t sing. At points like this, not only was it easy to hear the crowd, but the music stopped just long enough for the audience to take part in the performance. Throughout the entire performance Swizz Beatz moved around the stage and danced while encouraging the crowd to do the same.

Source: SongKick