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DJ Smooth City

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There are two three things certain in life death, taxes, and Smooth City giving a stellar performance. Most young men in their twenties are at night clubs having a good time enjoying the benefits of the local nightlife, but City is there for a different reason. Given the name Smooth City from his close associate James “Legasey” Doe, City is there on his own agenda as the entertainment. At such a young age he has been able to manage a college degree in business management and marketing, along with captaining a 2006 Men’s Division II national championship team; simultaneously while operating his own independent record label out of his hometown in Long Island, New York Smooth City Hustle.

“It’s really crazy when you think about it; I was a pretty decent soccer player so at the end of high school I still wanted to play, but leaving the crew behind was not an option. We started something and we needed to see it all the way through” Dowling College was just the answer. “Some pretty big time schools offer me full scholarships to play for them, in fact took the least amount of money offered to me to stay home and ride with my team” he said with a grin. It all stared in 11th grade at where else but a basement, he and his friend Michael Coppola started making music and searching for a record deal, realizing the type of road that was ahead they decided to sign them selves only to their own label. A year later they released their first project under the group name AuReo. In a few months they sold 4500 units out of the trunk of their cars. “Man we were high school kids just doing the do and look what we did, I am so proud of us for that.”

“I try to show me in everything I do, it may be a different side of but trust it’s me some stuff I take back to the days of Duke Ellington.” This is the same old school vibe he credits from the music that he has learned from his mother, she taught him to learn from the hero’s from yesteryear. He has been caught grooving along to Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, U2, and Michael Jackson; all they way up to his childhood influences of Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, A Tribe Called Quest, Kid N Play, Notorious BIG, 2Pac, Big L, Daft Punk, & Crooklyn Clan, his hip hop idol Jay-Z. “My goal through ‘Smooth City’ is to bring back those feel good days to music. Everything does not have to be turn up, drugs and sex; yes there is a place for that but it does not have to be the entire pie.”

In 2008 Smooth City would begin a professional relationship with the Hip Hop/R&B princess Ashanti; as her DJ & “Hype Man”. The energy between the two on and off stage amazing, City credits Ashanti to helping him mature as business man and an individual “she helped me see the bigger picture, she is a beautiful person inside and out that’s my big sister for real”. Together they have toured on every continent (except Antarctica) from the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, the O2 in London, to the legendary Enmore Theatre in Sydney Australia.

In early 2009 Smooth City would also begin recording and releasing remixed and original songs with the legendary duo of Crooklyn Clan. “Working with Riz & Sizzahandz has changed the way I see music, besides us creating great records together they are great friends of mine.”

When asked “At the end of the day, what do you want people to get out of one of your works?” he simply replied “I always want people to say ‘that man C is what he displays’. I think I can make people feel great when I perform as a DJ or MC at a night club or they can feel great because of any individual in my crew, because I am also them.” Similar to New York this City does not sleep.