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Chelsea Leyland

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British import Chelsea Leyland made a name for herself as a DJ not only in the NY fashion and art communities, but also internationally. Her creativity and eclectic taste in music quickly gained the attention of fashion and lifestyle brands, establishing herself as one of the most in demand female DJ’s. Chelsea hosted a weekly radio show on Beats 1 with Apple music and also seasonally curates music for runway shows during NY, London, and Milan fashion week.

Leyland is an epilepsy and cannabis activist. Chelsea suffers from a form of epilepsy called ‘Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy’ which she has been battling with since her early teens. Chelsea has come off of all pharmaceutical drugs and has been treating her epilepsy with Cannabidiol (CBD) for the past year, which has had a dramatically positive impact on her health. She has now been seizure free ever since. Chelsea has used her experience and her platform to become a tireless advocate for the de-stigmatization of both epilepsy and medicinal cannabis. Her story and work has inspired a generation of epileptics and medicinal cannabis users.

Leyland was featured in DKNY’s campaign alongside Cara Delevigne and was previously chosen by Cole Haan to be the face of their campaign, which featured the brand’s shoe, ‘The Chelsea Pump’. Leyland has appeared in major publications including Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vogue etc.

Looked to as a cultural trendsetter and influencer, Chelsea has been tapped by brands including Gucci, Tiffany and has guest written for a breadth of outlets ranging from Vogue to Bullet Magazine discussing fashion, art, and music.