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As a talented actor and rapper and as Methods Man’s go to guy, Redman has made an impact just about everywhere.

New Jersey’s Reginald “Reggie” Noble made his first mark on the scene on a track with legendary rap group EPMD and instantly made an impact with his dominant but surprisingly fluid vocal style. After inking a deal with Hip Hop powerhouse Def Jam Records, he released his debut album ‘Whut? Thee Album’ in 1992. An instant hit with both fans and critics, the album is now viewed as a classic after it turned gold and Redman won the coveted ‘Rap Artist of The Year’ award from The Source Magazine.

Redman continued to ride this high with a run of equally successful albums including the likes of ‘Dare Iz A Darkside’ and ‘Muddy Waters’ containing the song ‘Do What You Feel’ which would later become the soundtrack to a Grand Theft Auto game.

Following this, Redman struck up a number of fruitful partnerships with the likes of Def Squad, Tupac (appearing on his ‘All Eyez On Me’ album) and most notably, label-mate Method Man. Their first collaborative album ‘Blackout!’ went to number 3 in the charts, selling over 250000 copies in its first week and continuing a hot streak for Def Jam Records.

They didn’t just pair up musically though, they also began a rather bizarre but highly successful acting duo. Possibly their most notable appearance came in the cult stoner-film ‘How-High’ in which the pair manage to get to Harvard after cheating on their tests with the help of some highly potent Marijuana. No matter how bizarre it may seem, whatever Redman touches is usually a solid gold success.

Source: SongKick